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Do Jewish Online Dating Sites Work? - Find our why they do below!

The simple truth is that you are really READY to meet your "match", right? I mean... we all know that life is short. And for many people, finding that ONE perfect person is a lifelong exercise in futility and failure. Just look around at some of the more unhappy marriages out there to see how true that is.

Jewish online dating has CHANGED that in amazing and exciting ways. Thousands of marriages have happened after meeting on a Jewish online dating site.

Here are 3 genuine reasons why Jewish online dating really works:

Reason #1: Cultural Compatibility

The truth is, for many of us who have dated people of ALL backgrounds and enjoyed it... at a certain point, we get to a point of our lives where cultural compatibility becomes important. Meeting (and bonding) with people with very similar family backgrounds, traditions, and long term goals becomes critical. And in my experience (both personally and professionally), Jewish dating sites offer a level of cultural compatibility that you simply CAN'T find in more mainstream sites with the same level of ease.

Reason #2: Instant COMFORT! (which is obviously super important when dating new people)

Hey, let's be honest! When you have stuff in common with other people straight out of the gate... you are going to feel COMFORTABLE with them right away! And sharing the same heritage, background and traditions with another person, EVEN if you don't have anything else in common, is a great way to feel at ease in the often difficult and delicate world of online dating or dating in general. (this is VERY important for sure)

Reason #3: The PROOF is in the Pudding!

Did you know that Jewish dating sites have the HIGHEST success rates (and ratio) of ANY online dating site or service? It's true... and all you need to do is look around and see your own social circle to know it's true. At a recent wedding... the Rabbi told the congregation that OVER half (50% +) of the weddings he does now emanate from matches that were made online! (crazy but true) Why is this? Because contrary to lots of other more "mainstream" sites... when we join JEWISH dating sites, I think we are all a bit more serious about meeting someone "real", and the numbers (and success statistics) don't lie!

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